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Al & Terry Purvis and the Victory Asia Ministry Team


 Victory Asia Headquarters Missionaries & Staff


Al & Terry Purvis

alterryinformalDr. Al & Terry founded the El Shaddai children's homes, launched Victory Asia Bible College and oversee 10 asian nations.


Dean & Sue Hughes

dhughes48Long-time friends of the ministry, Dean & Sue have returned to pastor students from across Asia in VABC.


Matthew & Rebecca Watson

watsons48Matt and Becky pastor Victory International Church, Sriracha.


Dave & Terry Wharf

wharf48Dave & Terry moved to Thailand 8 years ago to become the parents of the El Shaddai 2 children.


Kenn & Donna Haase

haase48Kenn & Donna are passionate about traveling to Victory nations to encourage graduates in their ministries.


Penny Takahashi

penny48Penny loves training young leaders; she counsels VBCI students and is active in ministry outreaches.


Kris & Tabitha Pagan

pagans48Kris & Tab are passionate about serving at the home base and traveling to Victory
nations to encourage graduates in their ministries.


Tiffany Grant

tiff48Tiffany teaches children in the mornings and the VABC students in the afternoons
and is active in ministry outreaches.


Sawang & Lee-Anne Treetippitak

treetip58Sawang & Lee-Anne lead a team in capturing God's great exploits on video so you can partner with His plan for Asia!


Daw Treetippitak

daw48Daw works tirelessly throughout the year working with the Thai government on visas and ministry matters.




 Each missionary is sent by their local church. They raise their own personal support, travel costs, supply their own equipment, and work within the parameters and protection of this ministry leadership. An average of about 20 missionaries work in this ministry while opportunities are available for many more people to answer God's call in Asia.  Victory Asia provides missionaries with:

  1. Leadership accountability: vision, planning, protection, and pastoral care of missionaries and projects.
  2. Administration: NGO facilitation of charitable donations, transferring funds, legal entrance to foreign countries.
  3. Fund raising advice, materials and ultimate financial accountability for missionaries.


All missionaries serving through Victory Asia are required to be solid members of a local sending church. They are accepted as missionaries on the recommendation of their local pastor and are contracted with us to maintain that home-front relationship and return to that church at the close of their tenure. Sending churches are expected to send and support their best people of proven integrity and abilities and maintain open communication for encouragement and support while their missionaries are on the field. 



 Victory Asia Apostolic & National Leaders and Missionaries

Boonden & Supan Wichaipa

aposthai48Pastor Boonden & Supan provide oversight to Victory Churches of Thailand.


Aua & Renee Treeyanon

treeyanons48Aua & Renee are gathering their team and are gearing up for their new church plant in Hua Hin, Thailand.


Ronald & Cynthia Castillo

castillo48Ronald & Cynthia came from Victory Philippines, are passionate about church planting and have joined Aua & Renee in Hua Hin.


S & S


s s china48This couple provides much-needed leadership and teaching of sound doctrine across China.


Rich & Ning Conte

conte48Rich & Ning are the apostolic overseers of Victory Philippines, currently with 26 churches and ministries.


Ezekiel & Mary Eswaran

eswaran48Pastor Ezekiel and Mary pastor 2 churches in Malaysia and provide leadership over a third.


Peter & Lubna Jamshed

jamshed48Peter & Lubna's dynamic apostolic ministry includes 18 churches and 4 children's schools in Pakistan.


Prem & Lalita Bahadur

nepal48Graduates of VABC, Prem & Lalita now have a Bible training centre of their own in Katmandu, Nepal.


John & Shwe Mar Lar

burma148Newly married, this awesome couple is spreading the gospel through relief work and evangelistic crusades in Burma.


Tom & Elizabeth Schumacher

schooey48Former VABC Dean, Tom & Elizabeth are ready to launch a bible training centre on the Burmese border.


Harley & Makara Voogd

voogd48This couple provides a much-needed education to kids of the Poi Pet, Cambodia slums and is affiliated through Victory Missions.


Patrick Meir

patrick48Patrick works with "Not For Sale" and is affiliated through Victory Missions.