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7 Weeks in Asia

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[dropcap]7 Weeks in Asia is a summer missions challenge for 15 to 25 year olds. This is your opportunity to join a team of missionaries and national leaders in front line ministry across Asia. We've packed all the action of a six-month mission trip, into an intense seven week program. [/dropcap]
From our home base in Sriracha, Thailand, you will travel across breathtaking India, into devastated Cambodia, and end up riding elephants through the jungles of Northern Thailand. 30 years of living out the gospel in Asia gives us the foundation to make you a missionary the moment you step off the plane.

If you don't like adventure, challenge, and change, then stay home! In 7 Weeks you'll change more lives than just your own, and we're going to catch it all on camera!

When all is said and done, this is a program that will shape your future, strengthen your character.

Here's how it works:
1. Unplug - leave your devices behind.  Clear your mind of the familiar.
2. Connect - to your new team, leaders, and the people who need your gift.  Connect with God's heart for the world.
3. Envision - apostolic leaders will impart their best instruction and spiritual guidance to help you grasp your Great Commission destiny.

7 Weeks in Asia is real missions.  You will be adding to established works and ongoing fruitfulness in real ministry.  You'll be mentored by apostolic leaders who are impacting the nations of Asia.




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First / Last Leg: Thailand

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First we'll be in the urban jungles of Sriracha and Pattaya to minister alongside our long-term missioanries on the ground.  After India and Cambodia we're heading to the cooler climate of Thailand's northern jungles next. When we run out of roads we'll trek into remote areas where Jesus is barely known. You'll be sleeping in bamboo tents, cooking your own food over open fires, and washing in the beautiful rivers and waterfalls.


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Second Leg: India


India is like no other place on earth, and we'll be teaming up with Joseph Gaddem and his team in Andhra Pradesh, South India to minister to youth with an exciting conference that aims to transform their Hindu mindsets and bring many to the truth of Jesus Christ.


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Third Leg: Cambodia


In Cambodia we'll take you into slums, safe houses and to people of such desperation it will break your heart. Come armed with the power of the gospel to break strongholds!


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7 Weeks in Asia: 7 weeks to change the world; 7 weeks to change you.




 For any more information, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!          Watch 7 Weeks In Asia from Continuum TV's past seasons (click here)!